Cajal International Neuroscience Center (CINC)

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Director of the  Cajal International Neuroscience Center (CINC-CSIC). Editor in chief Neuroscience.

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Researchers have presented the first connectome - a diagram of neural connections - of the whole brain of an insect, a vinegar fly larva (Drosophila melanogaster). The work, which the authors say will inspire new studies of neural circuits and machine learning architectures, is published today in Science.

Protein Fgf17 might work as a rejuvenating factor for the ageing brain.

Cerebrospinal fluid provides nutrients and other elements to brain cells. Scientists now show that by obtaining it from young mice and injecting it into the brains of old mice, the latter recover their memory. The effect is attributed to a protein, Fgf17, presented today in Nature as a possible brain rejuvenation factor.