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Centro de Investigación del Cáncer. Campus Miguel de Unamuno s/n 37007 Salamanca

big data, cancer, covid-19, embryonic development, gene editing, immunology
Almudena Timón Sánchez
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CSIC research professor, scientific director of the Cancer Research Centre, Salamanca, and former president of ASEICA

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Tobacco and lung cancer

Un estudio ha estimado las muertes por cáncer que se producirán en la Unión Europea y el Reino Unido en 2023. Comparándolas con las observadas en 2018, estiman que se reducirán en un 6,5 % en hombres y un 3,7 % en mujeres de forma global. Sin embargo, en España aumentará la mortalidad por cáncer de pulmón en mujeres. Los resultados se publican en la revista Annals of Oncology. 


A panel of experts set up by the journal The Lancet Oncology analyses the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic on cancer treatment and research and makes recommendations to mitigate these problems. With an estimated one million cancer diagnoses lost across Europe in the past two years, the team warns that the continent is heading for a cancer epidemic in the next decade if health systems and cancer research are not urgently prioritised. 

Ilustración 3D de un grupo de células cancerosas. / Adobe Stock

Whole genome analysis of more than 12,000 tumors has identified new patterns of mutations associated with specific cancers. These combinations generate specific mutational signatures, the study of which provides information on environmental factors causing the mutations. The work is published in Science.