Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG)

Campus UAB (Barcelona)

climate change, natural sciences, gene editing, microbiology, chemistry, transgenics
Muriel Arimon Bedós
Head of Communication and Open Science
+34 935 636 600 ext. 3033
CRAG Comunicación

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biomedical research

In a recent study of the experiences of biomedical researchers in Spain, 43% of respondents admitted to having intentionally committed some form of scientific misconduct. The most frequent kind of misconduct was false authorship of scientific articles: 35% of the 403 respondents said they had been involved in some instance of it, says the study published in the journal Accountability in Research. Ten per cent of respondents reported a lack of informed consent, and 3.6 per cent admitted to having been involved at least once in falsification or manipulation of data.