Expert sources

Director of the Institute for Global Health and Emerging Pathogens at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York

Clinical Head of Neurology at the University Hospital of Donostia, Scientific Director of CIBERNED and Research Director of the Neurosciences area of ISS Biodonostia

Researcher at the Global Health Centre in Geneva (Switzerland)

Specialist in Family and Community Medicine and member of the LGTBIQ+ Health Group of the Madrid Society of Family and Community Medicine

Specialist in Preventive Medicine and Public Health and coordinator of the Public Health Section of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Bilbao

PhD in terrestrial ecology and researcher at the Centre Tecnològic i Forestal de Catalunya (CTFC)

Professor of Immunology, director of the Center for Biomedical Research (CINBIO) and former president of the SEI

Expert researcher in quantum computing at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and coordinator of Quantum Spain

Head of the Molecular Oncology Group of the Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Aragón.

Professor of Energy Economics at Durham University (UK) 

Director of Medical Physics at Quirónsalud Proton Therapy Centre

Researcher in the Instrumental and Galactic Astrophysics group at the Complutense University of Madrid and leader of the citizen science project Cities at Night

Head of the Metabolism and Cell Signalling Group at the CNIO

ICREA research professor and researcher in Bioengineering Systems-MELIS at Pompeu Fabra University

ICREA professor and director of Life Sciences at the Barcelona National Supercomputing Centre (BSC).

President of the General Council of Official Associations of Dietitians-Nutritionists (CGCODN)

Professor of Prehistory and member of the Institute for Feminist Research at the Complutense University of Madrid

Specialist in preventive medicine and Public Health and president of the AEV

Head of the Influenza and other Respiratory Virus Surveillance Group of the National Epidemiology Centre.

Researcher at the Reference and Research Laboratory in Mycology, National Microbiology Centre, Instituto de Salud Carlos III

Professor of Prehistory and coordinator of the Master's Degree in Prehistory and Archaeology at the University of Cantabria

Professor of Physiology at the University of Extremadura (UEx), Neuroimmunophysiology and Chrononutrition group.