Cynthia Martínez Garrido

Cynthia Martínez Garrido

Cynthia Martínez Garrido

Professor of Research Methods in Education at the Autonomous University of Madrid

Reactions: pandemic caused educational delays equivalent to a third of the academic year

A meta-analysis of 42 studies from 15 countries, including Spain, concludes that the covid-19 pandemic caused learning delays in school-aged children and a loss of knowledge equivalent to 35% of the learning of a school year. The research, published in Nature Human Behaviour, highlights that these effects persisted over time.


Reaction to study linking freedom of school choice to racial segregation

Research published in PNAS shows how, in a sample of more than 1,600 racially diverse (black and white) parents in the United States, freedom of school choice, regardless of the presence of students of other ethnicities, also increases segregation. The authors attribute this to different preferences between black parents, who favour higher school ratings, and white parents, who prefer proximity to the school.