Guillermo Velarde Institute of Nuclear Physics (IFN-GV) of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM)

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Emeritus Professor of Nuclear Physics and President of the Instituto de Física Nuclear Guillermo Velarde (IFN-GV) at the Universidad Politécnica Madrid (UPM).

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Scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California have announced the success of an experiment at their National Ignition Facility. With analysis of the results still underway, it would be the first net energy gain from a nuclear fusion. The news was revealed on Sunday by the Financial Times newspaper with information provided by sources with knowledge of the experiment.

Light lines entering the chamber (coloured blue) of the National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. LLNL-NIF/Damien Jemison

The dream of obtaining electrical energy from the fusion of two atomic nuclei is a little closer. Results obtained with some of the most powerful lasers on the planet show that one of the strategies to achieve this, nuclear fusion by inertial confinement, works as predicted 50 years ago.