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Lluís Brotons

CSIC researcher at CREAF and co-coordinator of the Laboratory for Biodiversity and Landscape Ecology

Science Media Centre Spain

The agreement is a pretty clear failure, in my view. There is a step forward in the recognition of something important, the injustice that climate change generates and the importance of compensating that injustice with the Loss and damage fund, but, for the moment, it is a very empty fund. On mitigation, the steps forward have been rather backwards because time is running out.

From a more general point of view, my impression is that there is an increasingly palpable recognition that to combat climate change (and by extension, the global environmental crisis) the foundations of the world economy must change quite radically, and this shakes the structural base that currently holds power. The fact that progress has only been made on mechanisms to offset the effects of change and not on mitigation raises the question of the difficulty we face.

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