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Reaction to study showing new method to restore cell functions in pigs after death

Researchers have developed a system capable of restoring some molecular and cellular functions and preserving tissues in pigs when initiated one hour after death. The study is published today in the journal Nature.

03/08/2022 - 17:00 CEST
Expert reactions

Rafael Matesanz - corazón cerdos

Rafael Matesanz

Creator and founder of the National Transplant Organisation.

Science Media Centre Spain

If what the authors of the article claim is correct and, indeed, the OrganEx method proves to be superior to what can be considered the "gold standard" for many procedures (ECMO), this would be a very interesting finding in terms of improving organ procurement and preservation for transplantation.

On the basis of the information provided in the text, it is not yet possible to state that this is the case and, obviously, this research needs to be confirmed and extended.

The author has not responded to our request to declare conflicts of interest
Cellular recovery after prolonged warm ischaemia of the whole body
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