Enrique Rodríguez Marín

Enrique Rodríguez Marín

Enrique Rodríguez Marín

Senior scientist

Fisheries biologist, specialist of the Atlantic bluefin tuna


Reactions: mercury concentration in tuna has not been reduced in the last decades

Mercury concentrations in tuna have remained stable between 1971 and 2022, even though emissions of this metal from human activities have decreased over the same period, a study says. 'Aggressive' emission reduction targets are needed to achieve measurable declines in concentrations of this pollutant, which is toxic for human health, the authors write in the journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters. The Minimata Convention on Mercury, a global treaty that entered into force in 2017, bans new mercury mines and includes provision to reduce mercury use, but mercury has already accumulated in the ocean 'for centuries', the article says.