Pere Puigdomènech

Pere Puigdomènech

Pere Puigdomènech

Emeritus researcher at the Centre for Research in Agrigenomics (CRAG)

President of the Committee for Research Integrity in Catalonia (CIR-CAT)

Reactions: four out of ten biomedical researchers in Spain admit to scientific misconduct in a study

In a recent study of the experiences of biomedical researchers in Spain, 43% of respondents admitted to having intentionally committed some form of scientific misconduct. The most frequent kind of misconduct was false authorship of scientific articles: 35% of the 403 respondents said they had been involved in some instance of it, says the study published in the journal Accountability in Research. Ten per cent of respondents reported a lack of informed consent, and 3.6 per cent admitted to having been involved at least once in falsification or manipulation of data.


Genome editing in plants: why it is urgent for Europe to change its legislation

The Spanish Confederation of Scientific Societies (COSCE) has just published a report, submitted to the EU, which proposes and compares different possibilities for reform of the regulatory framework for genome editing techniques.