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Reactions: José Manuel Miñones, new Health Minister

The current government delegate in Galicia, José Manuel Miñones Conde, will be the new Minister of Health, as announced on Monday by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, from La Moncloa. Miñones replaces Carolina Darias, head of the PSOE list in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the elections on 28 May. Sánchez has also announced that Héctor Gómez, former PSOE parliamentary spokesman, will be the new Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, replacing Reyes Maroto, the PSOE's candidate for mayor of Madrid.

27/03/2023 - 10:01 CEST
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Amós García Rojas - nuevo ministro Sanidad EN

Amós García Rojas

Head of the Epidemiology and Prevention Service of the General Directorate of Public Health of the Canary Islands Health Service, member of the WHO Standing Group for Europe, and former president Spanish Vaccinology Association (AEV)

Science Media Centre Spain

An appointment based on the need to give continuity to health policy in this last period of the legislature. A political profile, with some experience in the field of research.

The author has not responded to our request to declare conflicts of interest

Óscar Zurriaga - nuevo ministro Sanidad EN

Óscar Zurriaga

Epidemiologist, researcher at the Department of Preventive Medicine, Public Health, Food Sciences, Toxicology and Legal Medicine, University of Valencia and president of the Spanish Society of Epidemiology.

Science Media Centre Spain

The Spanish Society of Epidemiology (SEE) welcomes the new Minister of Health. In the remaining time of the legislature, we believe that his work should be aimed primarily at achieving the approval of the Law creating the State Public Health Agency, a matter of paramount importance for the near future, and which is already more than a decade late, and we also encourage him to count on the scientific societies in the field of public health for the drafting of the Regulations of this Agency.  

We also believe that you should also dedicate your efforts to the approval of the Royal Decree creating the State Public Health Surveillance Network, which was recently submitted to the public hearing process, and to which we at the SEE presented almost twenty contributions. 

Other important aspects in the field of epidemiology and public health are the development of the Public Health and Public Health Surveillance Strategies, approved in 2022, which require the participation of all entities and people working in this field. 

We also ask you to surround yourself with experienced people with knowledge of the sector, as Spain's European presidency in the second half of 2023 is very close and health aspects will be very important, especially after the experience of the pandemic. 

He can count on the collaboration of the scientific societies and the SEE, as on previous occasions, offers to do so.

Oscar Zurriaga's conflicts of interest are listed in the following declaration of interests published as a member of the SEE.

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