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SMC participants

Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valencia and researcher at the CIBER Obesity and Nutrition (CIBEROBN)

Professor of Genetics at the University of Valencia and researcher at FISABIO, specialist in epidemiology and evolution of viruses and bacteria

Professor of the Department of Theoretical Physics & IFIC of the University of Valencia - CSIC

Coordinator of the Motor Neuron Diseases Unit at the Neuromuscular Diseases and Ataxias Unit of La Fe Hospital, contracted Juan Rodés, member of CIBERER and associate lecturer at the University of Valencia

Member of the research group on Food and Environmental Safety of the University of Valencia (SAMA-UV)

Researcher and lecturer at the faculty of Pharmacy

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Theoretical Physics at the University of Valencia and at the Institute of Corpuscular Physics (IFIC)

Epidemiologist, researcher at the Department of Preventive Medicine, Public Health, Food Sciences, Toxicology and Legal Medicine, University of Valencia and president of the Spanish Society of Epidemiology.

Contents related to this centre
low back pain

A meta-analysis analysing 98 published clinical trials highlights the lack of scientific evidence on the efficacy and safety of commonly used analgesic drugs for acute low back pain (such as anti-inflammatory drugs, paracetamol and opioids, among others). The study, published in The BMJ, includes data from more than 15,000 people. It concludes that there is "considerable uncertainty" about the efficacy of these drugs in reducing the severity of non-specific acute low back pain and calls on doctors and patients to use them with caution.

Mediterranean diet in women

A review of studies of more than 700,000 women has estimated that those who follow a Mediterranean diet faithfully have about a 25% lower risk of cardiovascular disease and death. This effect is greater than had been found in other studies, many of which included a majority of men and did not differentiate results by sex. According to the authors, the study underscores the need for this type of targeted analysis. The results are published in the journal Heart.


US scientists have found perfluoroalkylated and polyfluoroalkylated substances (PFASs) in sewage sludge from toilet paper waste. The research, published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters, analysed the presence of these persistent and potentially harmful compounds in toilet paper rolls sold in North, South and Central America, Africa and Western Europe. These substances were compared with those detected in samples of sewage sludge from sewage treatment plants in the United States.


The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, announced today at a press conference that in view of the increase in cases of covid-19 in China following the end of the covid zero policy, Spanish airports are going to require passengers arriving from that country to take a negative test for covid-19 or a complete vaccination schedule. The first flight affected by health control measures will arrive at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport at 18:00 on 31 December.


The end of the zero covid policy in China is leading to an increase in the number of cases and has revived the question of whether the epidemiological situation in China could favour the emergence of new variants of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.


This week the National Statistics Institute (INE) shared the final figures for deaths by cause of death for the year 2021: 39,444 people died from identified covid-19, 34.6% less than in 2020. It also offered preliminary data for the first six months of 2022.


For the first time, the IceCube collaboration team has found evidence for high-energy neutrino emission from NGC 1068, an active galaxy 47 million light-years away with a supermassive black hole. The finding, made with the detector located under the Antarctic ice sheet, is published in the journal Science.


A study has associated the consumption of a high-fat diet in pregnant primates with alterations in the development of immune cells in the bone marrow of the foetuses. The results are published in the journal Stem Cell Reports.


The IceCube collaboration, with its detector located under the Antarctic ice sheet, has used astrophysical neutrinos to search for changes in the structure of space-time. In the research, published in Nature Physics, the team analysed more than seven years of data and found no signs of a modified structure of space-time imprinted in the characteristics of these particles, a further step towards understanding quantum gravity. 

equipo de protonterapia

The Ministry of Health has announced the purchase of 10 proton therapy equipment for public hospitals of the National Health System in seven autonomous communities. They will be used to treat tumours, especially in paediatric patients. The cost of the equipment will be financed by the Amancio Ortega Foundation.