Fernando González Candelas

Fernando González Candelas

Fernando González Candelas

Professor of Genetics at the University of Valencia and researcher at FISABIO, specialist in epidemiology and evolution of viruses and bacteria

Reaction to monkeypox genome analysis of monkeypox virus from patients in the current outbreak

A genomic analysis of monkeypox viruses from patients in the ongoing outbreak reveals that it most likely has a single origin. This 2022 monkeypox virus diverges from those of 2018-2019 in many more genetic variations than expected for Orthopoxviruses, which may represent ongoing accelerated evolution, according to the authors. The study is published in Nature Medicine.


Expert reaction on the new variant B.1.1.529 detected in South Africa

A new variant of the coronavirus causing COVID-19 has been identified in South Africa, with numerous mutations present in other variants, including Delta. Variant B.1.1.529, as it is now called, appears to be spreading rapidly in South Africa. Attached is the rapid reaction of three Spanish researchers with expertise in genomic surveillance.