Inés Moreno

Inés Moreno

Inés Moreno

Lecturer and Ramón y Cajal researcher in Neurodegenerative Diseases at the University of Málaga

Reactions: blood test can measure organ age

A study of more than 5,000 patients has developed a method to predict the biological age of our organs. They have analysed more than 4,000 proteins present in the blood and used machine learning models adapted to 11 different organs. According to the authors, almost 20 % of the population has accelerated organ ageing, which in many cases is associated with an increased risk of mortality of between 20 and 50 %. The results are published in the journal Nature.


Reaction to method that could predict Alzheimer's risk before symptoms appear

Scientists have analysed data on 7.1 million common DNA variants (alterations in the standard sequence) in people with and without Alzheimer's disease. The results, published in PLOS Genetics, have helped them to develop a method that can predict the risk of suffering from this neurodegenerative disease, depending on the DNA variants that a person has and before presenting symptoms.