Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal)

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SMC participants

Predoctoral researcher at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) whose thesis deals with circadian disruption in part as a result of exposure to artificial light at night and its effects on human health

Head of the Malaria Immunology Group at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal)

Research assistant professor of the Climate and Health programme at ISGlobal

Group Leader at the Institute of Health Research Pere Virgili (IISPV) and Associated Researcher at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGLOBAL)

Director of the Urban Planning, Environment and Health Initiative, and head of ISGlobal's Air Pollution and Urban Environment programme

Postdoctoral Researcher at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal)

Paediatrician, epidemiologist and managing director at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal)

Head of the political advocacy project of the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal)

ICREA research professor and head of ISGlobal's Climate and Health programme

Contents related to this centre

Toledo and Alicante are suffering the first outbreaks of measles recorded in Spain since the pandemic, El País reported today. In total, 15 cases have been confirmed since 1 January, of which seven are imported and eight autochthonous.


Access to safe public spaces to meet, employment, education and public health are some of the main measures recommended to make cities more friendly to the mental health of young people and adolescents. The analysis, based on surveys of 518 people in several countries, is published in the journal Nature and is intended to serve as a guide for urban planning policies that reduce inequalities and take into account the needs of young people.


In a clinical trial of nearly 5,000 children aged 5-36 months, a new malaria vaccine - called R21/MatrixM - reduced symptomatic cases by 68-75% over the following year. According to the authors, the vaccine will be inexpensive and could contribute to a substantial reduction in malaria suffering and deaths in sub-Saharan Africa. The results of the phase 3 trial are published in The Lancet.


With just days to go before COP28 kicks off in Dubai -a major city in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates- climate experts are torn between mistrust and hope that world leaders will reach ambitious agreements to combat the climate crisis.


Since mid-October, northern China has reported an increase in influenza-like illness compared to the same period in the previous three years. On 21 November, the media and the ProMED system reported outbreaks of pneumonia of undiagnosed cause in children in northern China. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is unclear whether these are related to the overall increase in respiratory infections previously reported by the Chinese authorities or are separate episodes. In a statement, the WHO has officially requested detailed information from China on this increase in respiratory illnesses and outbreaks of childhood pneumonia.


A health impact study led by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) concludes that implementing green axes throughout the city of Barcelona would lead to a "considerable reduction" in the mental health problems suffered by the adult population and in the direct and indirect costs associated with them. The study is published in the journal Environment International.


According to estimates by the United Nations Inter-Agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation (UN-IGME) published by UNICEF, in 2021 some 5 million children died before their fifth birthday, and another 2.1 million children and young people did it between the ages of 5 and 24. Additionally, 1.9 million babies were stillborn during the same period.


The Court of Justice of the European Union has condemned Spain for failing to take the necessary measures to prevent continued non-compliance with air pollution limits in Madrid and the metropolitan area of Barcelona between 2010 and 2018. It also includes Baix Llobregat between 2010 and 2017.


Research involving 10,775 adults shows that a higher percentage of daily energy intake from ultra-processed foods was associated with cognitive impairment. The results are published in the journal JAMA Neurology.


Research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine has modelled the impact of ultra-processed food consumption on premature and preventable deaths in Brazil in 2019. According to the research, increased intake of these foods was associated with more than 10% of premature deaths in Brazil in 2019, representing about 57,000 deaths.