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SMC participants

Head of Urology Service, Hospital Universitario de Fuenlabrada, Madrid; Associate Professor of Health Sciences, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos; and Chairman of the Spanish branch of the European Randomized Study of Screening for Prostate Cancer

PhD in Chemical Engineering, researcher in the high-performance research group in Chemical and Environmental Engineering at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

PhD in Biology, CSIC researcher and associate professor at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid

Professor of Psychology

Professor and coordinator of the Coastal and Marine Research Group (ZOCOMAR) of the Department of Biology and Geology, Physics and Inorganic Chemistry of the Rey Juan Carlos University

Professor of Pharmacology at the Rey Juan Carlos University

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A treatment using lights and sound pulses can protect mice from cognitive decline associated with chemotherapy, according to a research team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US. The benefits are greatest when the therapy is used early and preventively at the same time as chemotherapy, says the study, published in Science Translational Medicine. The use of this non-invasive sensory stimulation therapy to alleviate other pathologies has already been studied.


After an intense night of negotiations in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), the countries participating in COP28 reached a historic agreement by mentioning for the first time "moving away from fossil fuels" in the Global Stocktake document - the assessment of progress made towards achieving the climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement. The agreement comes after the first draft presented by the presidency did not make this mention - it referred only to "reducing consumption and production" of these fuels - which was described as "unacceptable" by countries such as Spain.


An analysis of data published in the journal General Psychiatry with more than 66,000 diagnoses of gender dysphoria, mostly made in the United States, concludes that prevalence increased between 2017 and 2021, and that the median age decreased over the same period from 31 to 26 years.


Most high-income countries do not have prostate cancer screening programmes for their entire population; prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests can be done on an individual basis. In an opinion piece published in The BMJ, a group of urologists and epidemiologists specialised in prostate cancer screening argue for restricting the use of PSA tests to avoid over-detection and over-treatment. 


Almost a decade after the previous edition, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has presented the synthesis report of its sixth assessment cycle (AR6) on Monday in Switzerland. "This synthesis report underlines the urgency of taking more ambitious action and demonstrates that, if we act now, we can still secure a sustainable and liveable future for all," said IPCC chair Hoesung Lee. 

The document includes the main findings of the three Working Group reports of 2021 and 2022 (Physical basis, Impacts, adaptation and vulnerability and Mitigation of climate change) and the three special reports of 2018 and 2019 (Global warming of 1.5°C, Climate change and land, Ocean and cryosphere in a changing climate). With this document, which is primarily addressed to policy makers, the IPCC closes its sixth assessment cycle.

rena lee

The deadline passed and after two marathon nights of meetings, the delegations of the UN member states have managed to reach an agreement to make the so-called Oceans Treaty - or BBNJ Treaty, Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction - a reality. New York City has seen the fifth session of this conference bear fruit with an agreement on the wording of the text, seventeen years after the talks began and with negotiations stalled last August due to a lack of agreement. The Treaty aims to protect and regulate the use of areas beyond national jurisdiction, which account for more than 60% of the oceans, or almost half of the planet. Marine genetic resources and how to share these benefits has been one of the main stumbling blocks.


A study published in Nature suggests that carbon sequestration is at risk of destabilising in large regions of the planet. In some areas, this sequestration - the difference between the CO2 captured and released by ecosystems into the atmosphere - has varied greatly in recent years. The research is led by CREAF and the University of Antwerp (Belgium).


Based on the Decalogue of recommendations for climate change communication signed in 2018 by more than 80 media outlets, environmental communication professionals from all over Spain, together with the scientific team of the Climate Change Communication Observatory, have drawn up the new Decalogue 2022, a guide for the social communication of the climate crisis. A summarised version is reproduced below.


After two long weeks of negotiations and outside the official deadline, COP27 has reached an agreement to create a loss and damage fund to help the most vulnerable countries face the impacts of the climate crisis. However, other issues such as greater ambition in mitigation strategies to avoid exceeding 1.5ºC of warming and less dependence on fossil fuels have not achieved the commitment of all parties. 


At Paris Saint-Germain's (PSG) press conference ahead of their Champions League opener, Kylian Mbappé and Christophe Galtier (PSG player and coach) were asked about the team's recent trip by plane to Nantes and why they didn't travel by train, when the distance is 341 kilometres and the train takes less than two hours. Both laughed at the question and Galtier replied, ironically, that next time they were considering doing it in a "sailing carriage".